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Hello, hello.  I’m sitting in a school hallway that I have no business being in waiting to take a test I know nothing about to receive a grade that will have no effect on anything do in life.  Woot woot.  We’ve got to fill our brains with something, don’t we?

Been making good progress on a new song of mine.  It’s another swing tune, but this time around I’m taking to a different girl.  Same hair color, though.  I’m very excited about it, and I can’t wait to finish :D  It’s just about the only thing that I’m excited about anymore.  

In our most desperate times we really find out the people we are desperately trying to be.  He’s the perfect example of what not to become and the roads better left untraveled.  It’s a little bit easier figuring out where you’re going when you know where not to go.  Just a little bit, though.  

I need to get my wardrobe together.  I have lots of fancy clothes but no knowledge of how to put them together.

Chris came over last night and we worked on a song idea of his.  He gave me a good analogy about writing lyrics that I’ll never forget.  We were talking about how to write creatively interesting lyrics and he compared it to being a painter, he said “You don’t write the word ‘tree’ on a canvas, you paint a picture of it”.  In lyrics you don’t want to just tell someone something, you want to be abstract and artistic about it.  Or something like that.

In the band tonight, we have a radio interview.  We’ll get to answer some obscure questions that nobody will listen to.

Last night was halloween.  There used to be a whole lot of hungry children around here but but it seems that this neighborhood has grown as old and introverted as I have.  I didn’t dress up or go to any parties, I think this is the 2nd year I didn’t participate.  Or maybe the third…. I’ve lost track.  Four years ago seems like four days, but I still can’t keep track of the current hour.  I won’t let myself.  I shut down my electronics and I shut down my eyes, but I can still feel the tick. tick. tick .tick. tock.  The hairs raising on my back tell me the clock hands are staring me down.  I have a timepiece with seven hands.  One to keep the seconds, one to keep the minutes, one to keep the hours, one to keep the days, one to keep the weeks, one to keep the months, and one to keep the rhythm of everything I’ll never see again.  

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